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Windows have an important role in how clean your home “feels”.  Dirty glass on windows or doors are sometimes not fully noticed until you get them clean.  Sometimes the change is miraculous, and your whole house just “feels” cleaner!  

Many homeowners have no way to safely clean their exterior windows.  Ladder work, (and having the correct ladder), are a first concern. Even one story houses require ladders most of the time. Then; who is going to move the ladder and safely set it in place? After all of that, a homeowner has to run the risk of working off a ladder, at every window.  Falls from ladders are a leading cause of home-related injuries and deaths.  

At Pelican Exterior Washing, we have a saying “You can’t fall off a ladder you don’t get on.”  In fact, we only get on a ladder as a last resort, and we do this for a living!  In order to safely clean high exterior windows without the use of ladders, we use a specially-designed, carbon fiber, water-fed poles that are able to reach heights of over 50 feet. Let our professionals take this risky job off of your hands.

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The Pelican Window Cleaning Difference

Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

 It’s been scientifically proven that dirty windows are harder to see out of than clean windows.  Look it up.

Spots on windows are tiny particulates that are left behind when the water evaporates.  Even regular tap water can leave behind streaks and water marks when it evaporates. Pelican Exterior Washing uses a pure water filtering system to wash your windows. This removes ALL particulates, creating, essentially, distilled water.  This leaves your windows spotless.

Working off of a ladder is dangerous. Just moving and setting up a ladder is dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Using a ladder incorrectly can easily cause damage to your home’s exterior.  We have systems and equipment to clean your windows safely and effectively.

Windows are one the first things that a persons sees when visiting your home and keeping it clean and spotless can greatly improve your home’s overall visual appeal.

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You’re Only One Call Away From 5-Star Service!
Elizabeth Harmon
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The team of two, Mark and JD, did an excellent job on our home. A large home done 3 hours. Communication was excellent re: arrival. Excellent review of the work to be done and then a final walk-through to review work done. Will use again next year.
Pilar Urioste
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Valor and Hunter were extremely professionals, very nice young men and left our house exterior extremely clean. We are really impressed with the amazing job they both did for two and a half hours going over and over places around the roof trimming that were tough to reach.
Nate McMurry
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We had a great experience with Pelican Exterior Washing. They were professional and timely. They did such a great job on our driveway and porches that we asked them to come back and do our patio. They were able to do it the very next day! Highly recommend.
David Armbruster
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These folks did a great job. They were punctual, polite, professional and proficient. They took time to pay attention to detail and gave it that extra little effort that as both a small business owner and homeowner I can truly appreciate. I’d recommend their services to anyone and I’ll be using them again as well. Thanks Pelican!
Allen Rioux
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Highly recommend. Mark worked us in on a cancellation and we were not prepared for the crew and hadn't cleared the porch of furniture and plants. His crew took it all in stride, insisting they would move everything and replace it. These young men were courteous, professional, and very accommodating. The house and job look like new! Thank you for a job well done!!

Sparkling and Streak-Free Shine

Regular tap water contains minerals, dissolved solids and other particulates that leave behind spots and streaks on glass when it evaporates. This is what you see on dirty windows. If you want clear, sparkling, and streak-free windows, Pelican Exterior Washing is here to provide you with an exceptional window cleaning service that will get your windows looking their best.

In order to ensure sparkling and crystal-clear windows, Pelican Exterior Washing uses a Reverse Osmosis/De-ionizing (RO/DI) filter that removes all imperfections in the water.  It is pure water, free of contaminants.

The process starts by first passing the water through a carbon filter that will remove the large particulates. Then it is then passed through a reverse osmosis filter, and finally through a resin-filled, de-ionizing filter. This process ensures that the water we use in our window cleaning service contains absolutely no minerals and particulates. When pure water evaporates, it leaves no watermarks, streaks or spots. This gives you windows that are, literally, as clean as they can possibly be!

Pelican Exterior Washing has been one of the premier Window Cleaning Services serving Charleston, SC and the surrounding area for over 10 years. We provide the sparkling results that all of our clients expect every single time!