Company Core Values

We are setting the example of what a service company can be.

What sets us apart?


We hire slow and fire fast. We are very particular about who works with us and have very stringent standards. Every potential team member must pass an extensive background check, DISC personality test and meet all of our requirements.


We use the best, professional-grade equipment to get the safest, most effective and most efficient cleaning possible.


This is twofold; First, we have over 15 years of professional experience. Secondly, every team member's main focus is to ensure everyone we service enjoys an outstanding client experience!

Pelican Core Values

Enjoy a Positive mindset

  • If you have fun at work and like who you work with and for, it doesn't seem like work.
  • Have the heart of a servant. Serve others, and rewards will follow. (solve problems, help others, provide value, servant leadership)
  • Problems are opportunities.
  • Build relationships, and rewards will follow. (People before Profit)
  • Grow or die (always improve/multiply)

Model Professionalism (present yourself as such)

  • Take (extreme) ownership of your tasks and responsibilities.
  • Think like an owner. Think, "if I was an owner, would I...."
  • We provide exceptional service and set the example of what a service company can be.

Always be Proactive

  • "Pick-it-up" Principle
  • Act expeditiously. 
  • Over Communicate.
  • Stay ahead of things. Many problems are easier to address before failure.
  • Manage expectations.
  • Stop if something is being damaged.
  • Strange noises, leaks, failing parts, or equipment acting irregularly.