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Concrete cleaning “from walls to garage floors”  leave “We clean…”
Maintaining your concrete surfaces is an important, and often overlooked component in your property’s image. Even though it’s mainly subconscious, it is one of the first things a potential customer sees when they arrive at your business.  It can make-or-break the image that you are trying to portray to your clients. You only get one chance at the initial imprint.  

When Concrete sidewalks and entrance areas are clean, people don’t notice them; they look “normal”. No one says “Man, these sidewalks are clean.”  But when sidewalks are dirty, people notice them and it says a lot about your business. If you’re not taking care of the outside of your business, what are you doing inside?  Employees are also affected. Image an employee arriving to work.  One building is dirty, with growth and stains all over the sidewalks and entrance.  Another building has cleaned and well-maintained sidewalks.  Which building would the employee be more likely to have a good attitude and take pride in where they work? 

That’s where we come in. Pelican Exterior Washing has the solution to all of your concrete cleaning needs. We provide an extensive commercial concrete cleaning service for your property’s sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and parking garages, entrance ways, loading docs, dumpster pads, and other concrete surfaces. We deliver a professional commercial concrete cleaning service that will keep your concrete surfaces looking at its best every day of the year!

Biological growth, Oil, rust, grease, sap, dirt, road carbon, tire dust can make concrete look filthy. Concrete is porous, like a sponge. Many contaminants that are left for extended periods of time, (especially petroleum based products), will deeply penetrate into the concrete.  Some stains cannot be removed from concrete, only lightened. It is best to treat these areas immediately after a spill..   

The warm and humid weather conditions that we experience along the coast of South Carolina foster organic growth easily, especially in shaded areas.  

Dirty concrete surfaces can become infested by organic growth such as moss, fungi, algae, and bacteria. This causes the concrete to become slippery and a potential safety hazard. Aesthetics notwithstanding, it is your responsibility to mitigate any Slip/Fall Hazards around your business’s exterior. 

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How We Restore Your Concrete

Deep rooted stains and neglected concrete can become almost impossible to clean.  Many managers and property owners attempt to DIY, but quickly realize that the job is much too large or time-consuming to clean  using a “homeowner” pressure washer. Without the proper technique, chemicals and equipment, these jobs can be daunting. 

Types of concrete staining include; Organic, inorganic, petroleum-based, rust, gum. There are many stains of unknown origin, and those mysteries may never be solved. The memories of some stains keep me up at night, wondering. 

To clean concrete, Pelican Exterior Washing uses two methods; pressure washing and chemically treating (soft washing). 
We use industry-leading, professional-grade equipment.  We use high pressure and high “gallons per minute” pressure washing machines and specially-designed surface cleaners.  This equipment allows us to clean concrete, (even really large areas), in a fraction of the time it takes you. With the high pressure and water output, we clean concrete better, as well.

We also use many different types of industrial-grade cleaning solutions. We mix each solution to proper strength and ratios, catered to the type of stain. Our solutions, mixed to the required strength, clean the concrete safely, effectively and efficiently.   

Even hard surfaces like concrete can be damaged by using too much pressure or improper use of cleaning chemicals..  “Writing in” or chemically etching the concrete are problems that cannot be fixed. When we see this, people in our industry think “Zorro was here”.  This marring will always be there and can only be remedied by replacing the concrete. This is an expensive proposition that can be avoided by hiring professionals that know what they are doing.


You’re Only One Call Away From 5-Star Service!
Elizabeth Harmon
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The team of two, Mark and JD, did an excellent job on our home. A large home done 3 hours. Communication was excellent re: arrival. Excellent review of the work to be done and then a final walk-through to review work done. Will use again next year.
Pilar Urioste
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Valor and Hunter were extremely professionals, very nice young men and left our house exterior extremely clean. We are really impressed with the amazing job they both did for two and a half hours going over and over places around the roof trimming that were tough to reach.
Nate McMurry
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We had a great experience with Pelican Exterior Washing. They were professional and timely. They did such a great job on our driveway and porches that we asked them to come back and do our patio. They were able to do it the very next day! Highly recommend.
David Armbruster
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These folks did a great job. They were punctual, polite, professional and proficient. They took time to pay attention to detail and gave it that extra little effort that as both a small business owner and homeowner I can truly appreciate. I’d recommend their services to anyone and I’ll be using them again as well. Thanks Pelican!
Allen Rioux
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Highly recommend. Mark worked us in on a cancellation and we were not prepared for the crew and hadn't cleared the porch of furniture and plants. His crew took it all in stride, insisting they would move everything and replace it. These young men were courteous, professional, and very accommodating. The house and job look like new! Thank you for a job well done!!